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It’s time for some Real Honesty – An Interview with Vina Nguyen – Ep. 655

Today’s show rundown:

Today, Chuck & Mark sit down and talk to New Orleans Mayoral candidate Vina Nguyen. Chuck starts out by talking the absolute arrogance and hubris of Biden and his cronies. Even the French are calling him incompetent. Is Biden just NOT listening to his advisors, or are his advisors as insane as he is? Mark thinks Biden may not be trusted enough to even turn a stove off.

Our old allies are reaching out to Putin and Russia for help in the Afghan region, to fill we left over there. We have testimony from survivors about how the Taliban is shooting women and then raping them. Torturing anyone who was associated with America over there. We all know who these guys are over there, The Taliban, and they are not to be trusted.

We are going to talk to a Republican running for Mayor in the city of New Orleans. There hasn’t been a Republican Mayor in New Orleans for over 150 Years. We need to take back all these local and state houses, we need to fight the way Soros and his cronies operate. Vina and her parents came over from Vietnam in the 1990’s. If you could see the chaos and destruction the current Mayor is leading through the city, you would be appalled.

60% of business owners have gone out of business under the Cantrell administration. It is unsafe to walk around in the city between 2-6AM. What do we need to do to make these Governors in Leftist states WAKE UP and cut off the free government money – which will cause people to go back to work.


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