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Joe Manchin Really is a Democrat After All – Ep. 747

Today’s show rundown:

Joe Manchin really is a Democrat isn’t he everyone. “The Inflation Reduction Act” has been approved by Manchin…wanna know why???? – well it seems that pipelines are not popular anywhere except West Virginia…but boom…pipeline from West Virginia to Virginia was approved and Manchin flips on Build Back Better “light”. It is impossible to lower inflation by spending more money. There is a historical precedence for this set by FDR. In the 30’s he raised taxes, and spent money – pushing us into The Depression.

Lets go through the lies – Whatever a bill is called, it is the OPPOSITE of what it is called. So the Inflation Reduction Act isn’t going to reduce anything. The Wharton School of Business says that this bill will have NO IMPACT on lowering inflation. 313 Billion is supposed to be collected on tax fraud with this new bill…so why now? They have to pass something to make you think they are worthy of electing them into office. 9 times out of 10 it is destructive, but they try to spin it like they are doing something.

Biden says he will not raise taxes on ANYONE who makes less that 400K per year. But you know this isn’t true. They always blame the rich, and go after the middle class. Manchin says the same thing with his pipeline bill, but if you read the bill, it shows that every single tax payer will have their taxes increased even at 10K. 1-2 percent increases on people making under 20 thousand dollars? – Code BFT

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