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Keep Your Eye’s Open, America – Ep. 698

Today’s show rundown:

Reality keeps calling the Biden Administration, and boy, do they just keep hanging up. Think about places like China, Russia, places where you do not have free speech, Marxist, Leftist countries, this is what we are headed towards. Big Tech is pushing what the Government is mandating or complying. The News Media is right in step with these guys to just keep the narrative spreading. Your voice, and choice isn’t what it used to be.

Google is curating narratives. When you go to google and type in XXXXX you will get served, CNN, New York Times, MSNBC, but you never see anything from Fox. They are able to throttle out anything that they don’t want people to see. CNN is about to be taken over by Disney. Malone who will be the new captain and owner of CNN, issued a statement saying that he wants to return CNN to journalism…which is admitting it currently is NOT journalism. It is confusing to the viewers because depending on when you are watching, you get more “opinion” than you do news.

New more virulent version of HIV in Europe now. This whole vaccination thing will continue again. They are trying to get rid of the control group. If 20% of the country is not vaccinated, 20% of the country will not be a victim of this next virus. We are going to do a show on this coming up. Follow Mark here…The Vaccines create immune compromised, the next virus comes along, you get more Government control, more shut downs, more masks, more giving up on your freedoms.



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