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Knockout at the Border – An interview with David “Nino” Rodriguez – Episode 416

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark talk with former heavyweight boxing champion David “Nino” Rodriguez. David shares a bit from his boxing life, but he focuses more on the crisis on our southern border and Democrats ignoring a critical issue.

They kick off the show by finding out more about David’s great boxing career. As a big boxing fan, Chuck jumps right in to ask David about today’s boxing world and the great history of heavyweight boxing.

Their conversation moves into discussing the southern border crisis and David’s experiences from his life living on the border. David explains how the border in El Paso has changed so drastically over his lifetime, with a continuation of cartel violence. They discuss how the illegal border crossings are deeply embedded in the areas surrounding the border.

They move into discussing Francis “Beto” O’Rourke and his background. David explains how Beto grew up sheltered in El Paso and has a long shady background. David explains that much of El Paso does not like him, but he gains support by echoing what the far left wants to hear.

Chuck and Mark continue their conversation about the left denying the crisis and the crime that takes place at the border. David shares some of the crimes that happened every night before the wall was built in El Paso.

They finish up today’s show by discussing the reasons that Democrats do not want the wall. David explains how the Democrats are focused on gaining the support from illegal immigrants and considers the globalist mindset embedded in their party.

More about David “Nino” Rodriguez:

Never give up and always show up. That was the early life lesson heavyweight boxer David “Nino” Rodriguez most attributes the success of his career to. Of his 36 professional bouts, he has an impressive record of 34 KOs with 24 of them being in the first round, a number that relieved Mike Tyson of his legendary first-round record.

Rodriguez was born in El Paso, Texas. He first hit the bags and began learning simple combinations at the early age of 5. At age 14 he had his first amateur fight against a Junior Olympic Champion. He was a bundle of nerves and was beaten up badly in the first round; but in the second, knocked his seasoned adversary out cold. It shocked the tournament and garnered headlines. But more than that, Rodriguez had now been given the taste of blood, which only served to further fuel his passion for the brutal but beautiful craft of boxing. The training was strict – a discipline that his life desperately needed. And he who would one day become the “Pride of the 915” had begun to succeed in turning his virtually inexpressible aggression into something greater than himself.

As Rodriguez took on more fights, he quickly drew attention by pummeling his opponents and progressively sparring veteran fighters. After contending at the amateur level for 7 years, David entered into his professional career. He beat out Manuel Alberto Pucheta by a TKO to win the WBA NABA Heavyweight Title. He defeated Owen Beck in El Paso to a sellout crowd and took the WBC Mexican Heavyweight Championship. And he crushed overmatched Byron Polley for the NABU Heavyweight Title.

Continue reading about David “Nino” Rodriguez here.

Connect with David “Nino” Rodriguez:


Twitter: @ninoboxer 

Instagram: ninoboxing


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