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Making the World Better Through Bitcoin – an Interview with Jimmy Song – Ep. 627

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark talk with Jimmy Song about Bitcoin

Today’s show rundown: 

We have more inflation / highest rate of inflation since the 80’s

Auto industry / semi conductor shortage / used car prices up 10%

The Biden White House claims that inflation is NOT a problem

Inflation is not natural / not normal, it is government manufactured

Mark intro to Jimmy Song – How does money work / How does Bitcoin work

Guest Jimmy Song says how the numbers are cooked regarding inflation

Bitcoin mining and what is involved

Block Ledger, and how you could download it

Dogecoin – Chuck wants to know is it a joke?

NFT – Non-Fungiable Token – what it is Jimmy explains

Beeple collage

Proving that none of this money is worth anything

Do you get off the couch for 10% more money and go to work?

Bitcoin is not manipulated


Guest Bio:

With us today is Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin developer, educator and author of his third book Thank God for Bitcoin, The Creation, 

Corruption and Redemption of Money. He is here to talk about the morality, or lack thereof, of our current monetary system 

and how Bitcoin may be the solution we have been looking for.  



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