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Mark & Chuck Bury the Left – Ep. 613

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark bury The Left

Today’s show rundown:

  • Chuck starts out talking about Ted Cruz and pictures down on the border – children in plastic cages / the dignity of children on the border (and baby baked potatoes)
  • They don’t have a handle on COVID-19 on the border
  • Mainstream media is so tied to the Democrat party – they are the gang that can’t shoot straight
  • Brian Stelter host on CNN – telling his audience that there is no crisis at the border – being a hypocrite.
  • Biden’s new tax rules – The President is going to tax $400,000K families because those are evil. And the government is now in the business of fining people that are married.
  • Socialism can NOT exist with a middle class
  • The consumers “pay” the tax when it comes to large corperations
  • Government gets bigger and bloated while you get smaller
  • Biden is pushing for a climate change bill / Freeways are racist
  • It is a great time to be a Black Woman in Hollywood now
  • NAACP demanding that The NFL break their contrct with Fox Sports
  • The World is laughing at Biden and our Country right now / Iran & China 400B deal
  • Biden – HR1 – For the People Bill – its critical that this bill is passed – and how there may NOT be a republican party in 2024
  • San Diego public schools are hosting IN PERSON school for immigrants, but not for the citizens of the same school district
  • New Wave of COVID – Biden says it your patriotic duty to wear mask and wash hands – there is a spike in COVID cases in Michigan, Connecticut, New York – states with the most mandatory mask wearing and lock down


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