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Marxists pretending to be Social Activists – An Interview with Carey Martell – Ep. 702

Today’s show rundown:

Mark starts us out talking about monoclonal antibodies. Chuck is tired of hearing conflicting information on what works and what doesn’t work against COVID. There is a mass shortage of monoclonal antibodies, because the Federal Government bought them all up. This was done under the auspices of NOT having the States get into a bidding war. But Now the Fed has decided that they are NOT going to distribute them the anyone. But the mainstream media never reports on the whole story, they fail to mention anything about the Federal Government hoarding these.

We are introduced to our Guest who is talking about how the modern men’s publications have been taking over by far left leadership. Carey wanted to create something that would be good, sane advice for young men. So many places for young men to get information have been taken over by these regressive people. For crying out loud, Playboy magazine has pictures of Guys in lingerie in it now days. Carey talks about a story he posted about “how to behave in a strip club”. We learn a little about Carey Martell’s history. An Army guy who stumbled into YouTube, video streaming and a multichannel network.

There is a group of self-proclaimed social activists, who are really just a group of regressive Marxists. Their movement is called Indivisible, they are out there using paper terrorism, to try to coerce communities that vote in a way that they disagree with. Carrey goes on to talk about how. These “social activists” are using words in a way that no one else uses them, to deceive voters.

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