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Money, Power, and Ideology – Ep. 708

Today’s show rundown:

It’s really interesting…no one believes Biden is strong except Democrats and the main stream media. No one else respects him, its just amazing to Chuck how the legacy media we have just carries his water. They don’t seem to see it, they don’t want to see it, it’s really embarrassing. Here we have this nuclear deal ongoing with Iran, we are deferring to Russia to negotiate with Iran over this deal. This is lunacy, what could POSSIBLE go wrong with Russia talking to Iran about Nuclear Power.

The energy position Biden toon on day 1 of taking office, really was a precursor to this War in Ukraine. Our enemies out there have done their homework on Biden, they know how weak he is, and his administration. We wonder if the press that covers for Biden, doesn’t even believe what they are covering. Washington is living in a fantasy land, it’s all just thoughts and words. Nothing tangible…we are going to send a stern letter, Democrats don’t actually do anything, so long as they say it, in their mind it is done.

We know we cant believe anything that comes out of Russia. But as we have said, we cant believe much that comes out of Washington. The only way you can find the truth in the US, is to go Hunting for it. Chuck talks OAN and an in depth expose on COVID and all the people involved there. It was excellent, follow the money, follow the ideology. Chasing money and power is exactly what is going on in Russia….AND here.

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