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Murder for Money$ – An Interview with Stew Peters – Ep. 694

Today’s show rundown:

Mark talks about our GREAT guest today Stew Peters, the host of the Stew Peter’s Show. Stew has been working on saving someone from COVID death but check this poll out. 55 percent of Democrats are in favor of the Government fining Americans who do not get a COVID vaccine. 29 percent approve removing children from unvaccinated parents. 62 percent of Democratic voters has at least 1 documented, doctor diagnosed mental disorder.

The Left wants us to be Australia 2.0. They are the party of Death. 100% of them would love to come round you up. They want to let out career criminals, child rapists, so much crime is committed by these people, let’s just call them what they are, Communists. They are the violent insurrectionists, that is what we are up against. They use words like transform and change instead of usurping.

Marburg, a virus with an 88 percent mortality rate, it is untreatable, it spreads like wildfire, this is the grumblings that it is coming now. We knew about this 6 months ago. What they won’t tell you about this is that it is NOT a virus, it is a bacterium, that is treatable by your everyday antibiotics. The COVID narrative is is waning on people, the Left needs something, and this Marburg could be next.

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