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Nefarious Government, it’s all Part of the Plan – Ep. 723

Today’s show rundown:

The Washington Post continues to prop up Biden and his Administration. Have things ever been as bad or on the wrong track as with this Presidency? When you look at a year and a half of Biden and the Democrats, it’s stark, the difference. When you look at Trump’s coverage it was all about him eating fast food or gossip stuff. Not about inflation or policy or empty store shelves. Our country is slowly starting to look like Venezuela or Russia, with gas prices through the roof and people not able to drive anywhere.

Is the Left totally incompetent or do they know exactly what they are doing, it is hard to understand. We can fix the economy, we know how to do it, so if thats the case, how do they NOT know how to fix this. Look at the baby formula situation, Biden could have picked up the phone and called the head of the FDA and told them we need to fix this quick, but they always slow walk everything. No sense of urgency, no leadership in the Democrat Party, Biden’s incompetence is just stark to behold.

Trump was working for the American People when he was in office. The Left, and the Biden Administration is working for the Government, NOT the people. We need to wake up, we should vote for people who represent US not Government. If you are placing your hopes on the government, good luck with that. The Government is NOT the United States…these politicians have forgotten who they work for, we (the peasant class) need to help them remember.

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