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About Democrats and those so-called stimulus package ‘compromises’

On the current congressional stimulus imbroglio, Democrats start out asking for $3 trillion, and then they throw in more crap to make it $3.4 trillion or some similar number, and remember: there is a lot of money left for spending from recent previous bills.  It’s always all about how big the taxpayer cash to be spent can be.

Republicans come back with $1 trillion.

Then, in the past day, Pelosi says the Democrats will “compromise” — they will take out one trillion if Republicans add a trillion, and the number Pelosi comes up with is $2.7 trillion.  My negotiations for a raise or to buy a car never ended up that one-sided in my favor.

I wonder why kids are so bad at math when the third most powerful politician in the country doesn’t know how to add.  This was no add-one-subtract-one.  This so-called compromise was something more like rounding down.  Maybe Pelosi studied Common Core (the Bill and Melinda Gates method of destroying children’s math skills) when doing her calculations and where 2 plus 2 equals 5 may not be called the wrong answer.  It was so close.

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