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Another crying child: Press exploits the kids of illegals hauled off in immigration raid

The press is having a field day exploiting children to attack President Trump and his effort to re-establish rule of law in immigration.

Tossing all previous compunction about showing a child’s face on national television out the window, they put the cameras right in a little girl’s face to get her to talk and cry about a recent immigration raid in Mississippi. No blue dot for her over this little girl’s face, they went full frontal instead, as if a child that young were capable of giving consent. Now the video will follow the girl all her life, and will likely end up a topic for mocking memes, something no 11 year-old deserves. Not a problem for the big-buck press, though, such as CBS, which in fact, does this a lot. Here’s what CBS cooked up:

It’s child exploitation, nothing less, an overriding bid to push a narrative, to force an emotional reaction. It might not have been the only time the little girl has been exploited, either. She might have been hauled over the border herself on a child-abuse-level journey as a chit for her parents avoiding immigration detention. She might have not even been related to the man she calls her father, the press didn’t ask, though the problem has become widespread. The child could have been brought into existence as an anchor baby in her parents’ bid to game the immigration system, reducing their odds of deportation. And for sure she was exploited by activists who put her in front of the CBS cameras to cry for the press.

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