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Are Democrats beginning to worry that the riots are hurting them?

By May 27, a mere 48 hours after George Floyd died, hugely destructive riots started in Minneapolis. The riots quickly spread to other Democrat-run cities in America. The leftist establishment, whether in politics or the media, initially cheered it on.

The establishment has stopped cheering, though, for it realizes that Americans don’t like civil unrest. A new narrative is developing, one that tries to cast blame on white supremacists, rather than black and white Marxists.

Several cities have seen violence and property destruction for weeks now. Whether in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, or D.C., people ostensibly protesting to improve black lives have been torching cars and buildings, looting stores, tearing down monuments, assaulting police officers, blocking roads, dragging drivers out of cars, and murdering people.

What helped drive the violence is the synergy of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Antifa is an anarcho-Marxist umbrella organization that encourages violence aimed at destroying America from the inside to rebuild it as a utopian Marxist community. These people have the brainpower of chickens, but they have a feral intelligence for violence and a recklessness (perhaps drug- or alcohol-fueled?) that makes them quite dangerous.

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