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As Biden falls in the polls, the media’s lies get bigger

The more desperate the media becomes to elect the corrupt, incompetent Joe Biden, the bigger and more numerous the lies.

We have been treated to Democrat campaign workers, posing as journalists,  and other Democrats throwing crap against the wall for five years  to elect one corrupt Democrat after another. No matter how obvious the lies become the more they repeat them.

One of the biggest loads of excrement I have seen came out of the mouths of the Washington Post editorial board on Friday when they had the garbage headline “Global Freedom would suffer grievous harm in a second Trump Term.”  They claim this will happen because he embraces dictators and he is rejecting U.S. democracy. They know they are lying because the facts show that it was Obama/Biden who catered throughout their eight years to dictators and they know Trump’s policies and actions have been much harsher towards the dictators and tyrants.  If they don’t know they are lying they clearly have had their brain removed as they are rewriting history.

Global freedom would suffer grievous harm in a second Trump term

His embrace of dictators and rejection of U.S. democracy can only get worse.

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