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Baltimore’s leftist prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, now gets a cop killed

After as loathsome and odious a performance as the Freddie Gray fiasco, you’d think Baltimore’s youthful state prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, would have learned a thing or two about the stupidity of race-baiting in the name of cop-hatred.  Her malicious prosecution of six officers in the Freddie Gray case, where there was no evidence any of them killed the guy (and juries refused to convict), led to a de facto police strike that made Baltimore a crime hellhole.

Well, in her case, no.  Turns out she’s learned nothing from her past incompetence and doesn’t seem to be bothered a bit by her latest blunder, letting a thug off who later killed Officer Amy Caprio by running her over in a stolen car during the course of a burglary.  If the cops were alienated by the Freddie Gray frame-up she cooked up, they’re going to be even more alienated now.

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