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“Bernie 2020. He Does Not Know.”

Published by:  Front Page Mag

By:  Daniel Greenfield

The media goes on about how dysfunctional Trump’s campaign was. Meanwhile they pretend that Hillary’s campaign, which couldn’t get its story straight, was a masterpiece of political engineering.

And then there was Bernie Sanders, who spent the campaign rambling and ranting about the same three talking points. Bernie made huge mistakes which alienated voters. He told outright lies (e.g. Israelis killed 10,000 innocent people in a conflict with a fraction of those casualties) and proved unable to do consistently cite specific information. Now his campaign is all but announcing that he just says things.

Without actually checking them.

Bernie Sanders is taking credit for action to combat the Russian incursion into the 2016 election that he didn’t have anything to do with — and didn’t actually happen.

Twice this week, in response to questions about whether he benefited from the Russian effort, as prosecutors allege, or did enough to stop it, Sanders said a staffer passed information to Hillary Clinton’s aides about a suspected Russian troll operation.

It turns out that the purported Sanders’ staffer who said he tried to sound the alarm was a campaign volunteer who acted on his own, without any contact or direction from the Vermont senator or his staff. 

But apparently Sanders is going with the “expansive” definition of staff.

Sanders has not himself addressed his claims that a staffer shared information with the Clinton campaign, though a statement from an unnamed aide said he’d been basing his comments on public reporting and “using the word ‘campaign’ expansively.”

She said that Sanders had referred to Mattes as being on his campaign because “Bernie considers the tens of thousands of people who volunteered during 2016 a part of his campaign.” She eventually acknowledged that Sanders “misspoke” in calling Mattes a member of his staff, but reasoned, “There were more than 1,000 staff members over the course of the campaign.”

How generous of Bernie. And yes, he can’t be expected to know every staffer. That’s the job of his people. And it’s his job to actually verify what he’s talking about. Except apparently it’s not.

His former campaign manager and confidant, Jeff Weaver, said in an interview the senator did not verify what he’d read.

“He does not know. All he knows is what was reported,” Weaver said on Wednesday.

Sorry, Bernie doesn’t actually know anything. He doesn’t understand his own tax plan. He has no idea how many people were killed in Gaza. And he has no idea what he’s talking about.

Like Obama, he learned about the scandal involving his campaign from the media.

“Bernie 2020. He Does Not Know.”


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