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BFT Exclusive: Adam Parkhomenko Revealed the Left’s Endorsement for Bullying

In life, there are some things in life that we have very little control over. For example, a health condition that results in life-long syndromes. And for the argument, race, gender, and ethnicity are other examples of these issues that individuals cannot control.

It doesn’t matter if someone is born with a certain trait or if it was the result of a life-altering event, criticizing a person for something they cannot control is sickening. Attacking someone for a condition that they must live with everyday is no different than discrimination of race, age, or gender. A precedent is being set by the left that suggests it is acceptable to bullying individuals affected by a health condition.

It seems that if you worked for the party of tolerance and inclusion, bullying of any form should not be tolerated. Our nation has worked hard to stop bullying but when the bullying comes from a ranking official of a political party it undermines all progress that has been made.

Former Hillary Clinton adviser and DNC national field director, Adam Parkhomenko, mocked Mitch McConnell for falling as he tries to walk up a set of stairs. He promoted the video by claiming that Mitch McConnell does not want the video to get up to one million views. Never mentioning the fact Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell was diagnosed with Polio as child and has been open about his ongoing medical situation since 1990.

To add to his clickbait bullying campaign, he added music to the video clip when McConnell was falling.

Adam Parkhomenko responded to criticism of his bullying of McConnell with vulgar attacks and citing the criticism that Republicans gave Hillary after the election. At that time, she had downplayed any health issues that would explain her stumbling and her book revealed relied on alcohol to cope with the 2016 presidential election loss.

Let’s also note that Adam Parkhomenko has started to block influential twitter accounts criticizing his tweet.

At this point, Adam Parkhomenko has made it clear that he does not condemn bullying, and much like others on the left, lacks tolerance for those with opposing political views. The blatant attack on McConnell for a life-long medical condition shows the lack of civility within the Democratic party and the detachment from reality by those unaccepting of the 2016 election results.

I have this question for Adam. How would you react if your son was bullied for something he cannot control?

I am in no way saying that your son should be bullied, and I do not think that you would react positively if your son was bullied in any manner. Despite any political differences we may have, I would be angered if I heard that your son was bullied. No one should be bullied, and that includes political opponents struggling from a health condition. It has destroyed lives of so many Americans and has no place in the push to unite our nation.

We have seen a significant increase of hostility towards those supporting the President, giving us a glimpse of what the radical left would have unleashed if the 2016 election would have had a different outcome. Bully political opponents for health issues would only be the beginning.

Adam Parkhomenko, and the rest of the radical left, support an agenda that will lead our nation down a dark path. The Democratic party lost all Civility, integrity, and morality when they lost the 2016 election. This childish attack on McConnell is just one of the countless examples of the radical left furthering the political divide in our great nation.

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