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Biden is blatantly hiding the single biggest issue in his campaign

The first action of all elected tyrants is to change the rules to prevent future challenges.  In America, the way to achieve this end is to pack the Supreme Court, making it a Democrat-run, unelected super-legislature with lifetime tenure.  Both Biden and Harris are refusing to say whether they will pack the court, claiming that the issue is too important for voters to know in case that knowledge influences their votes.

Democrats have politicized for Supreme Court decades, starting with the Bork hearings, in which Biden played a prominent and disgraceful role.  They consistently place on the Court judges who believe that their role is to create rights out of whole cloth — that is, to legislate — and then to retrofit the Constitution to support their legislation.

Whenever they’ve had activist majorities, Democrats have used the Supreme Court to force initiatives that Americans do not support (e.g., abortion, gay “marriage,” and Obamacare).  Indeed, for almost 100 years, activist justices have been the primary vehicle leftists used to work fundamental changes in America.  Beginning in 2016, when they assumed a Hillary presidency, radical Marxist progressives laid out their plans for an activist Court with a permanent hard-left majority.

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