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Bringing Occam’s Razor to the question of voting machines

A few days ago, someone sent me an article from Mark St. Cyr that I’ve been brooding about ever since. That’s because St. Cyr asks one simple question: Why voting machines are so complicated? Looked at from an Occam’s Razor perspective, they should be simple devices – yet Dominion and ES&S have systems so complicated that they not only count votes, they also prepare a six-course meal for 20 after the voting ends. That fact alone shows that they were designed to do a lot more than tally votes, and the “lot more” almost certainly includes nefarious activity.

We’ve heard from multiple sources that the voting systems are incredibly complicated machines that perform an extraordinary number of functions. Ron, who posts on Twitter under @CodeMonkeyZ, took the time to read the entire Dominion handbook and was stunned by what that machine can do. This funky video summarizes some of Ron’s more interesting tweets:

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