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Buttigieg is the Youngest Candidate, He Does Best With Old White Men

Peter Buttigieg, the eternal class president, is an old person’s idea of a young person. He’s polite, well-mannered (except when he’s stabbing Mike Pence in the back) and serious about all sorts of ideas that he has no ability to implement in the real world.

“Mayor Pete” is running a failing city. But he is being touted as the millennial candidate. At 37, the millennial classification is open to debate. (There’s no official classification for generational boundaries.)

Too bad millennials hate him.

The Morning Consult poll I previously quoted shows that he pulls in 11%, his highest number, among voters 65 years old and over. Meanwhile among voters 18-29, he has the worst showing with only 5%.

Among the 30-44 age group, he performs a little better at 7%.

Only when you get to 55 years old, do his numbers start looking good at 9%.

Why does Peter perform so badly with young people?

It may be that he reminds them of the class suck-up, which he undoubtedly was, who played up to the teacher or the boss, but then poisonously stabbed everyone in the back.

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