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California’’s illegal alien voting law is secession

On April 12, 1861, the Confederacy opened fire on Fort Sumter, igniting a civil war that before its end killed more than 800,000 Americans.

Mark the date April 1, 2018, April Fool’s Day, as the day Civil War 2.0 began.  On that day, the State of California began to automatically register illegal aliens who have driver licenses to vote.  This new law immunizes illegals against any state criminal penalty for registering and voting.

Leftist scholars say our states control their voting criteria and can legally register non-citizens to vote in state, county, and local elections.  States, including California, however, may not register illegals to vote in federal elections – for members of Congress, U.S. senators, or president.

Allowing citizens of other countries vote in California would illegally “dilute” the votes not only of Californians, but of all American citizens […]


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