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Calling out the climate hypocrites

Obvious and repulsive hypocrisy on the part of wealthy and connected people telling us that we must sacrifice our standard of living – indeed, our very way of life – finally is being called out. They want us to bear the entire burden, while their jet-setting lifestyles remain untouched.

The alarmists are getting more and more shrill about their predictions of doom due to the increase in an atmospheric trace gas, CO2, purportedly able to act as the control mechanism for world climate. (Meanwhile, their climate models, the sole basis for their doomsterism, don’t know how to reckon with the influence of clouds, which have an obvious impact on temperature.)

Even as previous deadlines for doom have come and gone, they issue new and shorter deadlines for us to obey by paying more for electricity, junking our cars, and closing down our factories and transportation systems – ultimately roasting in the summer heat and freezing in the winter cold.

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