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Chicago Teachers’ Union: Expecting Us to Teach Kids is Sexist and Racist

Ever since the pandemic, teachers’ unions have been coming up with excuses not to teach, and the Democrats they have in their back pocket helped them. But the rebellion has very clearly arrived with even the leftiest parents utterly sick and tired of this state of affairs.

That led Mayor Bill de Blasio, a guy who spends all his time pricking his ears up to hear lefty whistles, to backtrack on closing schools.

But in Chicago, the teachers’ union decided to go to the mattresses.

“The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism, and misogyny,” the Chicago Teachers’ Union tweeted.

Did they really need to say both sexism and misogyny? The tweet has since been deleted, but the toxic virtue signaling it contains can’t be unseen because, remember, the people who most want kids back in school are mothers, that is to say, women. And in Chicago, that’s heavily black women.

So the Chicago Teachers’ Union decided to cry that expecting its members to teach black kids and help their mothers get back to work is sexist and racist. But they’re still supposed to be paid $100K.

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