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Chick-fil-A gives the left the ultimate smack-down, on wages

Chick-fil-A, the Christian-owned business assaulted and assailed and pariah-cized by the rabid left based on its owners’ commitment to family values, has destroyed one of the left’s most cherished myths.  Instead of paying its workers minimum wage, as all evil businesses, especially Christian ones, supposedly do, it’s paying its workers a premium, giving them more than a little extra in their paychecks in a stunning rebuke to left-wing tropes about worker solidarity and the need for unions.

John Tamny at RealClearMarkets has the scoop on this:

That [Chick-fil-A owner Eric] Mason is raising worker pay well beyond California’s minimum wage is a reminder that pundits on the left are flying blind when they emote about stagnant wages.  They could learn a lot from Mason.  Mason sees very clearly what they don’t: low-wage workers are incredibly expensive.

They are because they’re not very productive.  As is frequently said, you get what you pay for.  Low-wage workers don’t need to perform very well simply because they’re not being compensated for it.  Mason wants his business to boom, which means he wants his employees to feel well rewarded.  […]

See the full story here.

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