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Chinese Baffled by Marxist Dictatorship Americans Live Under

We look at other societies sometimes and are baffled by their crazy beliefs.

Why do the North Koreans worship a short, fat bald guy as their Communist deity? Why do Muslims think that virgins in paradise will be waiting for them if they kill infidels? Why were the Nazis convinced that a short dark-haired syphilitic embodied the Aryan master race? Why did the inhabitants of Easter Island bankrupt themselves building a bunch of giant stone heads?

But, these days our country is incomprehensibly crazy. Or at least the media outlets, cultural, political and corporation organizations are run by a crazy identity politics cult. That no one else understands.

To pull back for a moment, a teenage girl posted a picture of her prom dress which had a Chinese design. Since the left’s thought police are constantly hunting for thought crimes, some idiot fastened on the dress and began shouting, “cultural appropriation”. Thousands of other insane lefties joined in. So did Twitter, which made the attacks on her into one of its Moments.

Because Twitter is officially committed to bullying teen girls who offend political correctness.

Meanwhile people in China, whose culture the left is “protecting” from being appropriated by a teenage girl in America, are completely baffled by the Communist dictatorship we’re living under.

See the full story here.

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