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Coronavirus Cases Don’t Increase the Day a State Reopens

You would think that this wouldn’t need to be stated. But in post-reality America it does.

The media has been cranking out clickbait headlines like “The day after X, the number of coronavirus cases rose Z percent.”

X can be a reopen protest rally or a state partially reopening. It doesn’t matter. It’s fodder for the post-intelligent who are convinced that they are smart because they listen to the media and carefully repeat back everything it says to feel smart.

“Look at what those COVIDIOTS did! We have the stats. Science is on our side!”

Rarely has the inability to process the difference between correlation and causation been this pathetic and despicable.

1. To state the obvious, coronavirus numbers rising a day after X has nothing to do with X. This isn’t The Stand. The coronavirus isn’t that infectious and its symptoms don’t develop that quickly and the events in question are too limited to produce this level of exposure anyway. It’s not like half the state’s population is running through the streets sneezing on each other.

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