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Creepy Joe is back: Biden asks an 11-year-old to ‘talk to me before we leave, OK?’

Creepy Joe is back.

Sounding a bit like Humbert Humbert, the aging pervert from Vladimir Nabokov’s 1955 Lolita, Joe Biden told an 11-year-old at a campaign rally this:

Talk to him before she leaves?  Sounds like a classic 1940s or 1950s pickup line…and delivered to a child.

It’s hard to confirm where this tape came from, but it appears authentic, given that the backdrop matches that of another Dec. 30 video.

Is he a pervert?  Hard to say, but probably not, given that perverts usually get caught early.  He’s certainly creepy, though, and he’s done this many times.

He may have not noticed anything weird about what he said, but the rest of us do.  He may be oblivious, quite likely because he’s showing signs of dementia and moving into his default modes, which are seen in people who acquire this condition.

It comes on a string of such creepy statements to girls, as well as his many child-touching incidents, with many photos on Twitter of children recoiling from his creepy gropes.

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