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Cubans create a Berlin Wall in passports for Venezuelans fleeing socialism

One of the things that might make you think things are different in Venezuela compared to the Eastern European communist regimes of the past is the fact that Venezuela is allowing people to flee the disintegrating socialist hellhole.  East Germans, by contrast, shot people trying to escape through the Berlin Wall.

Well, as with everything Chavista and communist, everything old is new again.

Venezuelans are facing substantial obstacles to fleeing because other nations, such as Peru, are starting to require passports.  That makes sense from Peru’s perspective, given that the Peruvians need to know who’s coming into their country, just as we need to know who’s coming into ours.

But it leaves a tremendous problem of refugee flight unaddressed.

The problem here is that Cubans control Venezuela’s passport issuance.  And guess what: they aren’t delivering them.  Look at this Twitter note from Venezuelan expert Pedro Burelli:


Venezuelans flee for obvious reasons.  But the reason they do it without passports is that a Cuban company has the contract to produce them and opted to keep the money and not deliver passports.  It’s time to hold Havana accountable for its criminal interference in Venezuela.

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