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Democratic Socialists of America Leaders Rush To Endorse Communism and Violence

I consider DSAer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York to be extremely dangerous to the freedoms of this country. Democratic Socialists of America have seen a number of wins this year by getting members elected to office, but hers will be the biggest win so far and it foreshadows a new wave of young, millennial communist Democrats who will follow in her wake across the nation. Membership for DSA is exploding across the nation suddenly as millennials rush to imitate their new idol. Clueless, useful idiots on the run. She’s a Bernie Sanders acolyte and young voters are flocking to her.

She ran on a platform that promises the abolishment of ICE and the nationalization of healthcare using a single-payer system. She promises to impeach President Trump as well. Other planks include Medicare for all, a universal jobs guarantee, no tuition for education at schools or universities, paid family and sick leave, housing as a human right, ending the war on drugs, demilitarization of the police, doing away with prisons, open borders and decriminalization for illegal aliens, an infrastructure overhaul using green energy, ending corporate donations in politics and a peaceful economy (by force if necessary). She beat Crowley, the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House, by 15 points in a New York City district that covers the Bronx and part of Queens. It was a massive shock to not only the nation, but the Democrats themselves. Wake up and smell the communism guys.

If you don’t already read Far Left Watch, you should. They research and report on radical leftists here in the U.S. and they do a terrific job of it. DSA made headlines when their leadership from their Iowa State campus chapter encouraged people to shoot President Trump and when leadership from their University of Georgia Chapter called for the execution of house GOP members. Did you ever hear about that in the media? Nope. Now, a number of DSA leaders are endorsing communism out in the open as well. Far Left Watch puts it succinctly, it is “an ideology responsible or the oppression, incarceration, and murder of tens of millions of people.”

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