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Democrats are watching the speeding train head to the washed out bridge

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at the Democrats’ current dilemma.  The party of racial diversity has only white candidates.  The party of youth has only old candidates.  The party’s top candidate is an angry, spit-flecked, wild-maned old man who has been a Marxist his entire life, has never held a real job in the private sector, is now hypocritically reveling in the life of a millionaire and can’t stop himself from praising grotesque dictators.

And here’s the biggest laugh of all: the Democrat party’s only hope is a confused old man whose corruption is oozing into the open only because the Democrats wagered everything on impeaching President Trump.

It’s very likely that, if the Democrats hadn’t been bound and determined to impeach Trump, Gropey Biden’s dirty dealings in Ukraine on behalf of his cocaine-snorting, alcohol-chugging, widow-shtupping, stripper-impregnating, deadbeat-dad son would have stayed in the shadows.  However, by choosing Trump’s phone call to Ukraine’s President Zelensky as the impeachment bridge to die on, the Democrats practically hired a blimp to circle the Super Bowl stadium while trailing a sign saying, “Our preferred candidate for president is corrupt.”

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