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Democrats undermine the special-ness of becoming an American

Delia, age 13, called Rush Limbaugh’s radio show seeking information for a school assignment.  She had to debate whether or not it should be easier for immigrants to become U.S. citizens.  Delia asked Rush his thoughts on the topic.

Here’s a small excerpt of Rush’s brilliant answer.

In order to preserve this country, it ought to be a very specific task for somebody, not a citizen, to become one.  If they come here via legal immigration, they do have to take a test.  And those who endeavor to become citizens and pass the test, it’s one of the most proud days of their lives.  If you’ve ever been to a naturalization ceremony or ever seen one televised, it’s one of the proudest days of their lives, to become, quote, unquote, an American.

I can personally testify to the truth of this statement in Rush’s answer: “it’s one of the proudest days of their lives, to become, quote, unquote, an American.”

For years, I sang my original song, “Celebrate America,” at monthly naturalization ceremonies in Maryland.  Every ceremony had a thousand people or more – applicants, families, and friends.  I enjoyed watching the excitement of the audience from my seat with dignitaries on stage behind the podium.

The vibe in the air was always electric.  Applicants studied, passed the test, and jumped through all the hoops to become Americans.  They were extremely excited.

The attitudes of the immigrants I saw at naturalization ceremonies were far superior to those seeking to illegally invade our country.  Illegal aliens disrespect our laws and the American people.  They have no desire to embrace our culture, salute our flag, or learn English while exploiting our welfare system.  Democrats and RINOs gift illegal aliens $135 billion annually in giveaways.  The citizenship applicants I saw at naturalization ceremonies were a superior breed, with a desire to become a part of something great, lending their gifts, talents, and skills to contribute to America’s greatness.

I’ve shared before about the 90-something-year-old applicant in a wheelchair surrounded by his family at a naturalization ceremony.  The elderly applicant wore a suit.  His family were also in their Sunday best.  Obviously, this was a major family event – extremely important that he become an American before he died.  When time came for the frail gentleman to say his Oath of Allegiance, family members on both sides lifted him from his wheelchair to his feet.  A great grandchild held up the elderly gentleman’s right hand as he pledged his oath with the rest of the applicants.

Upon the applicants completing their Oath of Allegiance, the hall always exploded into enthusiastic cheers, tears, and applause.  At that emotional moment, my accompaniment music would start.  I joyfully sang my “Celebrate America,” the first song heard by the extremely excited new official U.S. citizens.  It was the proudest day of their lives.

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