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Dems Now Actively Debating Human Extinction

Radicals have no stopping point. Except other radicals.

And if you take the insane premises of environmentalism to their logical conclusion, you end up in this Malthusian Singerland in which it’s best to just let the human race die off because the Great Global Warming Famine of 2023 is coming.

Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said young people have to ask a “legitimate question” in the wake of climate change and mounting student loan debt: “Is it okay to still have children?”

“Our planet is going to face disaster if we don’t turn this ship around,” she said, as she chopped sweet potatoes. “And so it’s basically like, there is a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult and it does lead, I think young people, to have a legitimate question. Ya know, should—is it okay to still have children?”

She continued: “Not just financially because people are graduating with 20, 30, 100 thousand dollars of student loan debt so they can’t even afford to have kids in the house, but there’s also just this basic moral question, like, what do we do?”

I picture getting into a time machine and traveling 100,000 years into the future where the human race has subdivided into narcissistic mindless Cortez creatures and the Morlocks that prey upon them. So maybe the lost Kardashian has a point about useless lefties with 100,000 in student loan debt from their degrees in environmental feminist anthropology not reproducing.

Obviously Cortez isn’t coming up with this stuff on her own.

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