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DOJ Letter: Section 230 Does Not Immunize Big Tech for Political Censorship

Basic primer.

The people who favor action against Big Tech fall largely into two camps

1. Section 230

2. Anti-trust

(I’m Team Anti-Trust myself.)

Section 230 specifically refers to a part of the generally defunct Communications Decency Act which immunizes dot com platforms for content. Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc are set to argue that changes to 230 would change the internet and benefit big companies more than small ones. They’re not wrong about that, but Big Tech has already consolidated the internet into a handful of monopolies making disruption a matter of, “What have you got to lose?”

The CDA is defunct, and I’m all for trashing 230. I think any attempt to use it in a regulatory fashion is a dangerous tactic that will almost certainly lead to even more leftist control over free speech on the internet. But a lot of the conservative consensus, in and out of government, has consolidated around Section 230.

And this DOJ letter both mentions the Hunter Biden coverup and warns that political censorship is not protected by 230.

Read the full story from Front Page Mag

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