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Exactly which states do the Dems think they will flip in 2020?

The political news is all about the 2020 presidential election.  We get daily polls purportedly informing us of who is up, who is down, who’s going up, who’s going down, and the impact of every comment, either woke or misspoke.

The Beltway and the Acela corridor lock in on this “data” as if it were an NFL championship game between teams led by Payton Manning and Tom Brady.  (I’d use a women’s soccer analogy, but no one’s watching women’s soccer, and foul-mouthed think pieces don’t age well).

The rest of America, particularly once you are about a 30- to 35-mile radius away (about Purcellville, Va.) from the Capitol, couldn’t care less about Beltway blather.  Americans outside this circle of largely corrupt grifting are all recovering from the economic devastation of the Bush-Obama years.  There were no bread lines, but that doesn’t mean people didn’t feel the losses of those times.

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