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Food boxes instead of food stamps? Welcome to socialism.

Published by American Thinker

By Monica Showalter

President Trump reportedly floated the idea of replacing half of the food stamps doled out to its 42.6 million recipients with food boxes.

The outcry from the program’s recipients and their advocates was spectacular.

But while such a move was just floated out there probably to see how it would play with the public, and may be unlikely to happen due to higher costs, it teaches an important lesson: That when the government pays, the government controls. With so much of the bureaucratic class, the wealthier elements of left, millennials and the underclass in awe of socialism, it’s a rather important lesson to get across.

Because socialism is all about having the government choose for you, because government knows best. Ask any person who has had to live under communism, in hellholes such as Ceausescu’s Romania, East Germany, today’s North Korea or today’s Cuba. Socialism chooses the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the transport you take, the place you live, the health care you get, the technology you are allowed access to, and everything else, all for “your own good.”

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