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Governor Blackface’s Shameful Anti-Gun Hate Hoax Backfires Spectacularly

Since the election of President Donald Trump, there have been hundreds of hate hoaxes staged throughout America to manipulate public opinion. They feed into the liberal media narrative that Trump is empowering racist and hate-filled white people, and serve as a justification for the wave of violent attacks that are actually happening against Trump supporters.
This hate hoax industry has resulted in a mass hysteria where an individual who plays the circle game can be deemed a white supremacist with social media vultures being the judge, jury and executioner, or a child in a MAGA hat who smiles as his personal space is violated by a creepy old man can be turned into a global pariah guilty of all the ills associated with white privilege. It is a world where the most vicious and ignorant are empowered, and an individual must conform their behavior to the mob or risk being unpersoned in polite society.

Due in large part to the lack of intelligence of the people attempting them, certain hate hoaxes have backfired spectacularly in the public eye. Jussie Smollett, the third-rate actor, was caught red-handed staging a faux-lynching and became a national punchline as a result. But until one week ago, there had not been a major public official with the audacity to attempt a hate hoax. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who Big League Politics has exposed for wearing blackface during his drunken college days, deployed the tactic in his own state capitol in an attempt to put down a growing pro-2nd Amendment resistance.

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