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Governor DeSantis just keeps getting better

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has shown real star quality throughout 2020, thanks to his temperate handling of the Wuhan virus. He refused to put his state into lockdown but still managed to keep Florida from turning into a Wuhan virus nightmare. On Monday, he also proved that he knows how to handle the hostile media. Other Republican politicians would do well to follow his lead.

California and Florida have been perfect examples of the two ways in which American states can handle the Wuhan virus because they’re relatively close in size. California, which had around 39,512,223 people before they started fleeing the state this year, is America’s most populous state. Florida, with approximately 21,477,737 people, is America’s third most populous state. (Texas sits between the two with around 28,995,881 people.)

When the Wuhan virus hit, California embarked on a series of rolling lockouts. These varied from making most people prisoners of their own homes to regulations that destroyed small businesses and isolated people when they weren’t making their permitted runs to Walmart or other huge retailers. The lockdowns devastated the California economy.

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