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Hillary Clinton: Facebook Is Conspiring Against Me

Name three things that will never go away. Cockroaches, human evil, and Hillary Clinton.

And now, Hillary is back for some reason to rant some more about a vast conspiracy.

FAREED ZAKARIA: There was an article in “Vox” and I don’t know if you saw it, on Super Tuesday, on Facebook, the single most searched article — the single searched news topic was Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

HILLARY CLINTON: That’s right. I saw that.

FAREED ZAKARIA: What do you make of it?

HILLARY CLINTON: I’ll tell you what I make of it. Is that FOX News and the sort of right-wing echo chamber has mastered Facebook, aided and abetted, might I say, by Facebook.

So, I read that article. And what that said to me was: Here, it’s Super Tuesday, the Democrats are trying to decide who they want to nominate against Donald Trump, the coronavirus is spreading. We now have more and more reports from different places in the country, but led by Fox News and Breitbart and others, it’s going to be about my e-mails, a totally, you know, bogus, finished, nonsense attack on me.

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