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Hillary Clinton’s Judges Destroy Attorney Client Privilege

Hillary Clinton picked Judge Kimba Wood to be her husband’s Attorney General. According to various accounts from the period, Hillary was looking for someone “loyal” who would allow her to stack the Justice Department with her own political allies. It was still early in the game, but Hillary had always been Bill’s main plumber and she was anticipating all of the Clinton scandals that were yet to come.

Hillary had interviewed Kimba Wood for twice as long as her husband did. But the Clintons had also been allegedly encouraged to pick Wood by Michael Kramer who had been Time’s chief political correspondent and the judge’s husband. After interviewing Bill for Time’s fawning Man of the Year piece, he allegedly suggested that the President of the United States make his wife his Attorney General.

But even though Kramer had compared Bill Clinton to Lincoln and FDR, it was not to be. Between Wood’s employment of an illegal alien and her past as a Playboy bunny, it was all over. Kimba Wood, whose “rectitude” the media never stopped praising, went on to be involved in a sleazy scandal. She became known as the “Love Judge” for her role in her current husband’s affair. She filed for divorce accusing her former husband of withholding sex. Rectitude doesn’t get more old-fashioned than this.

“Wood is universally described as a woman of almost old-fashioned rectitude” (New York Magazine) and “Kimba Wood’s rectitude is something between a legend” (Detroit Free Press).

It’s a legend alright.

But Hillary Clinton never goes away. Neither do her coterie of political allies.

In court, Judge Kimba Wood decided that not only isn’t President Trump entitled to having  a special master protect attorney-client privilege, but insisted that Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, disclose that Sean Hannity was one of his clients.

The media is having a field day smirking at these sleazy violations of confidentiality. But the woman overseeing them is one of the sleaziest judicial figures in Clintonworld. And a political figure whom Hillary Clinton allegedly believed would make a reliable stooge for Clinton political interests at the DOJ.

Imagine John Mitchell being allowed to expose the private papers of Bill Clinton’s lawyers.

Using friendly judges to expose private damaging materials about your political opponents is not a new development. But it isn’t usually accompanied by gun-toting raids and civil rights violations.

Obama ran the country into the ground for 8 years because a California Dem judge decided that his political opponent and ex-wife weren’t entitled to have their divorce records sealed. But shredding attorney-client privilege just to spread sleazy scandals about your political opponents is a new low.

Last time around, Judge Beryl Howell, a Loretta Lynch pal appointed by Obama, had decided that Paul Manafort wasn’t entitled to attorney-client privilege. Howell was far more generous with Hillary Clinton when she allowed the State Department to delay disclosing her official records until after the election.

This is the rule of law that the media keeps blathering about. One law for the Clintons and another for their political opponents. One law for Democrats and another law for Republicans.

That’s not the rule of law. It’s a banana republic.

The Clinton campaign invented the Russia conspiracy theory. Then it injected its opposition research dossier into the FBI and the DOJ. The opposition research was used to justify spying on political opponents by a friendly administration. It helped generate the Mueller investigation which is following the Clinton dossier’s framework by targeting Trump’s lawyer.

The Mueller coup spun off the Clinton-Steele dossier’s obsession with Michael Cohen into the SDNY raids on the office, home and hotel room of the president’s lawyer. We’ve gone from the Russian collusion conspiracy theory to Stormy Daniels to a Hillary Clinton ally exposing Hannity’s name in court.

But what exactly is the justification for exposing Hannity’s name in court? Malice, spite and political allegiances to America’s leading political crime family?

You pick one.

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