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Hollywood needs to change its messaging on fatherhood

During his heartfelt Golden Globes speech, Tom Hanks said his five children are braver, stronger, and wiser than him.  Please do not think I am beating up on Tom Hanks.  I am simply pointing out that Hanks downplaying his fatherly position is a mindset we see reflected in practically every family movie and sitcom today.

We have gone from TV shows like Father Knows Best to countless shows in which Father is portrayed as an idiot — the butt of jokes, spoken to with disrespect from his wife and children.

As a child, my black family loved watching The Andy Griffith Show.  Like Andy’s son Opie in the show, my four siblings and I had great fun with our dad.  And yet, we knew our place, never daring to speak to him with disrespect.

I have turned off movies and TV shows because I could not stomach the disrespectful way children speak to their fathers, lecturing Dad and displaying arrogant disobedience.

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