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How Stupid Does Chuck Todd Think Americans Are?

NBC’s Chuck Todd has a grandstanding Atlantic piece claiming that the public’s negative perception of the media is due to…

1. Their ignorance

…and a..

2. FOX News conspiracy

Bashing FOX News, of course, isn’t like bashing NBC News. The former is just good journalism while the latter is an attack on the First Amendment.

There are many howlers in Todd’s piece, but here’s just one of them.

Because journalists report on new and controversial ideas all the time, it’s not uncommon for us to be accused of championing an idea—think of same-sex marriage—that some members of our audience find objectionable. Letting folks know that a movement is afoot, and documenting its successes and failures, is our job. But Ailes exploited the public’s lack of knowledge of journalistic conventions, portraying reports about social change as advocacy for such change. He played up cultural fears, creating the mythology of a biased press.

I’m sorry, whatever your view on gay rights may be, the idea that the media was reporting on, rather than championing, is nonsense. Everyone, on the left or the right, knows it’s nonsense. The media had a clear opinion in this regard. It put that opinion forward.

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