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How the Wall Became America’s Dividing Line

America is full of visible and invisible walls. In the first half of the last century, our politics had been dedicated to tearing down the walls between classes, races and genders. And then in the second half of the century, radicals terrified of what that meant for their plans, began building them up again while adding new divisions until every city, workplace and even family is divided by many invisible walls.

Walls represent divisions. Whether you support or oppose a particular wall depends on whether you believe a division is legally, morally or philosophically legitimate. The walls that the radicals want to tear down are the walls distinguishing and defining concepts that they don’t believe in, such as nations and genders, while building walls of segregation to separate races and classes.

When Speaker Pelosi calls a border wall immoral, it’s not because she believes that physical structures of steel and stone are immoral, but that the concept that a wall protects, that of the nation and its citizenry, is immoral to the radical mind.

That’s an important debate worth having because the rejection of America as a distinct nation, as opposed to a distinct idea, gets at the heart of the opposition to so much of Trump’s agenda from both parties.

Unfortunately neither Pelosi nor her media allies are willing to honestly put forward their views and debate them. Instead they make false claims of supporting border security in principle, while opposing it at every turn in practice.

Politicians who claim to support a popular idea in principle while resolutely opposing every attempt to implement it are actually its unprincipled opponents. And the best way to expose them is by forcing them to live up to the principles that they don’t have.

That’s what President Trump did by moving the embassy to Jerusalem. And then all the politicians who had voted countless times to move the embassy, pundits who had composed countless essays in support of the principle, argued loudly that now was not the time. Nor was any time in the future going to be the time.

The wall shutdown tests the truth of the same principles, forcing the Democrats who shut down the government to stop a border wall into a confrontation that outs their opposition to border security, to walls and to the nations behind them.

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