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If You Fail at Life, You Can Still Be a #Resistance Celeb

What the printing press was to Johannes Gutenberg and the radio to FDR, Twitter is to Trump-hating celebrities who take time between their kale enemas to embarrass themselves on the internet.

The #Resistance Twitter celebrity is invariably a has-been. The perfect example is Kathy Griffin who went from starring on Suddenly Susan, the rare example of a terrible sitcom that actually killed someone, to starring in My Life on the D-List to trying to molest Anderson Cooper on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live.

Her last gasp of fame was a photoshoot of her holding up Trump’s fake, severed bloody head, followed by a tearful press conference trying to milk the backlash against her publicity stunt for more publicity.

Scientists have determined that a former celebrity’s Trump rage level is inversely proportional to the odds of her having a speaking part in a movie that is released in theaters outside North Korea.

It used to be alcoholism, then drugs and celebrity rehab. But these days the very bottom of the celeb dumpster is the #Resistance Twitter account. When celebrity #Resistance twits have an option that doesn’t involve screeching ALL CAPS Russia conspiracies, even though they think Vladivostok is the name of their former yoga coach, they take it faster than you can say, “Keith Olbermann.”

Olbermann resurrected his unhinged MSNBC act (which later became his unhinged Current TV act) for GQ’s anti-Trump vlogging.  Then The Resistance host declared that Trump was defeated and managed to get back in at ESPN, which is still less degrading than squealing about Trump to 16,000 YouTube viewers.

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