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It’s idiotic to believe Castro was good for the Cuban people or that socialism would be good for the U.S

We’re supposed to believe that it is a wonderful thing in Communist countries where the leaders care so much for their people. They teach them to read. They have free education and health care. Cubans have very strict gun control. Abortion is available on demand in Cuba, and in 2019 they raised the mandatory minimum wage. All things the Democrats running for President support. It looks like an ideal Democrat platform.

After 60 years of Castro Brothers control, they have raised the minimum wage to $16 (per month, not per hour). The average wage will shoot up from $24 to $42 per month. Thank goodness Cuba doesn’t have the problem with wealth and income inequality that the United States does because that would cause division and strife.

Higher education professors will now receive $56 to $68 per month, very similar to the fake Indian running for President, who wants to move towards socialism, who is worth millions and got paid $400,000 for the tough task of teaching one course. I wonder why the cost of education is so high in the U.S and why student debt is so high when Warren only got $400,000 plus benefits for such a tough schedule.

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