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Left tries dishonesty in bid to turn El Paso shooter into a Republican

We already know that the left is trying to pin the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings, done by madmen, to something President Trump instigated. The El Paso killer, in a meandering, inchoate “manifesto” with a mix of pro- and anti-Trump ravings and negative words for Democrats, based a strange combination of hate for migrant surgers and weird obsessions with automation, was essentially rooted in greenie ideology, as John Lott notes here. Easy enough for leftists to pin on Trump, and most did. As Thomas Lifson noted earlier today, one of the worst of them was here.

But then there are the ones for whom the argument wasn’t good enough. Some tried to put their thumbs on the scale to falsely create a narrative that this freak was a conservative addicted to guns and Trump, and they did dishonest things to change “the narrative.” Apparently picking and choosing from the madman’s ravings wasn’t good enough, they needed to alter the facts. (I touched on that matter earlier today here).

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