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Math is hard, even for an MSNBC panic-spreading virology expert

MSNBC and math haven’t had a good week.  A few days ago, talking heads made a third-grade mistake when hypothetically divvying up Bloomberg’s advertising budget among Americans.  And on Monday, a guest virologist announced that 20% of Americans are going to die from the coronavirus, which is an embarrassing miscalculation.

It was just a few days ago that Brian Williams and Mara Gay mindlessly repeated a meme saying that, instead of spending $500 million on advertising, Bloomberg should just have given all 327 million Americans a million dollars each.  The correct answer is that Bloomberg spent $1.52 per American.

On Monday, a guest again went stupid about math, this time while trying to explain how many Americans will die from coronavirus.  According to Dr. Joseph Fair, only 80% of the population will survive:

“We’re honestly behind the curve,” Fair claimed, adding that “getting testing up and running is the most essential step.”

“Getting testing up and running in every place we can, in every city, in every public health laboratory around the country is key for us to understand how widespread this epidemic is. This is not to fear monger. It would be irresponsible for us to create panic when it’s undue,” Fair said. […]

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