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Minneapolis embraces anarchy and vigilantism

It was probably inevitable that the Black Lives Matter movement, after making alleged racist-driven policing its raison d’être, would demand that police forces be abolished entirely.  After all, once they’d described America’s police as irredeemably racist, BLM and its fellow travelers couldn’t seek reform without appearing vapid and hypocritical.  Destruction was the only option.

It’s also fitting that the Minneapolis City Council was the first American city to leap off that cliff, for it was a member of that city’s police department who sparked the latest conflagration in Democrat America.  The Council couldn’t resist its own virtue-signaling rhetoric.  It was indeed white virtue-signaling at work: only two of the 13 council members are recognizably black, with two other members who are so mixed-race that it’s merely a good guess that they are black and not Hispanic or members of some other non-white race.

In the lead-up to the veto-proof vote, Lisa Bender, the very white Minneapolis City Council president, explained that white people supporting dismantling the police would have to shut up and listen to “POCI [sic] neighbors” to understand the future of Minneapolis without police.  It seems that Bender excludes her white Karen self from the roster of people who have to shut up.

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