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Nancy Pelosi Tries to Explain How Russians Got Trump Elected, Fails Miserably

The Democrat leadership is old and confused.

Bernie Sanders has three talking points he returns to like a dog to its vomit. Joe Biden can hardly stop groping women long enough to finish a sentence. Chuck Schumer was last heard from in March. And Nancy Pelosi doesn’t understand much. But she tries. Bless her heart.

In this excerpt of a Recode interview, Speaker Pelosi tries to explain how the Russians stole the election. Or her brain.

Pelosi: No, for sure I thought Hillary would win. Yeah.

Recode leftist hack: Yes, and one of the things that happened was the intervention of foreign influence on the social media platforms. You’re from San Francisco, represent some of these companies.

Pelosi: Yeah.

RLH: Talk about how you think about that now, given … and we’ll get to the Mueller report and everything else, but how do you look at that when you look back on it, what you were thinking at the time and what you think happened?

Pelosi: Well, first of all, we were totally shocked that Hillary Clinton did not win. Now, we know that there were interventions that stood in the way of that, but, again, you take responsibility for your race and you always have to just be prepared for the unforeseen. Little did anybody know, the unforeseen would be Russian intervention into our election, a real disruption of the basis of our democracy.

How did the Russians intervene? Getting Nancy to explain is like getting a duck to play chess.

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