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NASA Bows to Cancel Culture, Renames Icy Rock

Ultima Thule is a Latin term meaning as far out there as you can go. Thule was a, probably, imaginary British island far to the north, according to the Greeks. Then it became Greenland and then anywhere far north. ‘Ultimate Thule’ eventually came to mean a place as far as you can imagine.

‘Thule’ is used by a brand of roof racks and the US base in Greenland.

It was, among its many countless uses also picked up by the Thule Society, a bunch of proto-Nazi occult whackjobs who claimed that there was a superior Aryan civilization in the center of the earth. Yes, like Journey to the Center of the Earth, but with more Nazis and fewer dinosaurs.

(Basically, they’d be at home on Twitter and the Bronze Age Pervert Alt-Right today as long as they spelled ‘what’, ‘wat’.)

The Thule Society was one of the crazy ingredients in the Nazi stew before being marginalized for making the Nazis look a little too weird. And also not having anything very helpful to offer beyond contributing to the  […]

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