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New York Times: “Ignore the C.D.C.”

Authority is sacrosanct, the media mouthpieces of the establishment insist, except when it suddenly disagrees with them. We’re supposed to listen to the scientists, until the moment they go right when they were supposed to go left, and then forget about it.

It Has Come to This: Ignore the C.D.C. – New York Times op-ed

I’m old enough that I remember when saying something like that was enough to get you censored by YouTube and Twitter.

But it’s okay. They’re proggies.

The issue is the CDC pointing out that there’s no real point to testing asymptomatic people. The op-ed authors predictably disagree.

Tests, however, can reduce the number of people who need to be isolated — and only for as long as they are shown to be infected. If those tests were to be performed frequently (even daily) and widely (even universally), it is almost certain that the pandemic would evaporate in just a few weeks.

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